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The adventures they can arrange for you are unreal, the guides are more than competent, they are so informed and eager it makes the trips even better...it must be said, Pablo is the man! It was more than an adrenaline rush being out there it was surreal and so different than anything I'd ever seen.


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Belize Adventure Tour

Belize Adventure Tours

Adventures that must be experienced to be believed...
But once experienced, Never Forgotten!

Prepare to encounter the lush plant and animal life of the Belize jungle, the mysticism of lost Maya ruins, the rugged beauty of our subterranean caves and caverns, and the majestic Caves Branch River.  All these wonders and more await you in our specially designed Belize adventure tours.


Belize adventure tours - caving
Belize adventure tours - mayan ruins
Mayan Ruin
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Eco Tours

Belize adventure tours - Snorkeling/diving
Snorkeling & Diving
Belize adventure tours - Horseback riding
Horseback Riding
Belize adventure tours - Zipline


As a number of our expeditions are difficult and potentially dangerous we have made sure our trips and guides are the best that Belize has to offer.  A great deal of attention has gone into making sure that we follow very strict safety guidelines in all cases. Our safety record is impeccable, with only minor scraps, bumps and bruises over 15 years of operations.


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