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Our first adventure was the Black Hole Drop. I'm not much of a hiker, and my wife less so, but we loved it. The jungle was beautiful and the drop, while terrifying at first, was incredible. We loved the lunch at the bottom of the Black Hole. Our guides were expert and we never felt in any danger.


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Belize Black Hole Drop - Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

Belize Black Hole Drop

Spectacular...incredible...a rush like no other!

The “Mother of all Caves” ... Actun Loch Tunich! There is a vigorous hike up into the foothills of the Maya Mountains to the mouth of the cave.  The edge of the Actun Loch Tunich sink hole sits over 300 feet above the basin below, 200 feet above the rainforest canopy that grows out from the sink hole basin.

Black Hole Drop

Our fully trained caving guides rig a system of rappelling ropes for your descent to the basin below. The first 10 feet provides the adrenaline, the next 200 feet provides an unforgettable experience and sights to behold, the last 100 feet takes you down through the rainforest canopy.  The sink hole is not actually black, but you can't see the bottom from where you start.  Once you're at the bottom, the question is... How do we get you out??? Then a return hike out of the foothills and a well deserved cold beer at camp.

Intensity Level:
Challenging - This expedition is not for the faint of heart and all participants must be relatively fit.

Please Note: 
This tour is available during the rainy season but be prepared to get muddy. 

Overnight Caving Expedition (2 days / 1 night)

Day one starts off by repelling into the cave. Once you are in the basin of the sink hole, your guides then lead you into the incredible rim stone dam entrance of the Actun Loch Tunich river cave system.  Camp is set up inside the entrance and dinner prepared. Then on to exploring the upper crystal chambers which were the ceremonial sites of the ancient Maya. The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, you trek down another 400 feet along cave cliff walls on routes of the ancient Maya to the Actun Loch Tunich underground river, with over 24 kilometers of mapped passageways. Explore in the steps of the ancient Maya, past bubbling springs and an underground waterfall. 

Intensity Level:
Challenging - This expedition is not for the faint of heart and all participants must be relatively fit.

Please Note:
Exploring the Actun Loch Tunich River Cave is done by trekking, not cave tubing. This tour is not affected by high water levels during the rainy season.


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